Why you are not where you want to be... 

The problem is not you. You have never been shown how to remove the obstacles in your way and install the habits for success, wealth and happiness. No one has shown you how to apply the new science of success.

Leading The Way In Leadership

  • Be inspired and inspire others.

  • Become a powerful and effective leader in your business, your relationships and your wellbeing.

  • Gain a new level of emotional intelligence.

  • Become more decisive, focused and effective in your work and personal life.

  • Identify your one true purpose and create a clear path for yourself to make it a reality.

If you have ever been a leader, in a business, non-profit or a volunteer organization, you know how challenging it is to navigate that journey and inspire your team to do their best work.

This beautifully constructed handbook guides you through all of the steps along that leadership pathway to help you handle what life throws your way.  Filled with tips and tools, stories and insights, Pete Cohen’s book, whether read cover to cover or randomly opened will help you find exactly what you need to take up the Inspirator mantle in your life.

For anyone who wants to become an Inspirator, this book is a must read, or rather, must read and apply! 


Patti Dobrowolski

CEO & Chief Activator,

Up Your Creative Genius

The book will ask lots and lots of questions, and it is very thought provoking.

Pete does it in such a fun way, referring to his research, with quotes from inspirational leaders from around the world and even referring back to films and key messages within them.

I really enjoyed it and I reckon whether you are already on the leadership journey or whether you are just starting out, this book can be especially helpful and I’m sure it will inspire you to become the best you can be.





Neal Stephens

MD for Wales and the

South West at Willmott Dixon

​Leadership is one of the most powerful commodities of the modern era. In “Inspirators” Pete brings this curiosity to life and on the back of many interviews Pete articulates what inspires people to grow as leaders.

A great leader truly excels at inspiring and enabling others to fulfil their dreams. They create the best possible environment for success and do this with humility and authenticity in their hunt for excellence.

The leadership journey never ends so let’s all make the most of learning from each other to make a positive impact on society and become the inspirators Pete talks about.
Time to inspirate!


Alistair McAuley

MD of UK and Ireland

for AkzoNobel